A Moment with Minor Hotels CEO, Dillip Rajakarier

Brightcove Video

“It shows how strong the industry is” said Dillip Rajakarier when we asked him how it felt to be back at IHIF2021. 
He described how great it was to be back with fellow leaders in the industry, networking and sharing ideas and he believes the pandemic has brought everyone closer together.
Dillip discussed how they were the first to go into crisis mode because of their exposure in China but also the first to emerge from it. He spoke about how China has emerged as a strong market, but they are still awaiting international demand. 
“The biggest concern we have is people because in our industry people are the backbone and make our brands shine.”
The aftermath of the pandemic will bring some concerns as we have seen countries such as Sri Lanka recently declare an economic disaster, but Dillip is confident travel will remain strong. 
He also spoke about ESG, managing people, supply chains and energy sources and aligning with the industry leaders to come up with a common framework.
We will see Dillip join the session “Leading Resort Transformation” on Tuesday 26th October in the Algarve.