Best of the year: Marriott CEO Tony Capuano on leadership, diversity and hospitality's resilience

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Tony Capuano & Kenneth Hatton on stage at The International Hospitality Investment Forum (Credit: Mark Green)

Marriott International's Tony Capuano was in conversation with CBRE's Kenneth Hatton at The International Hospitality Investment Forum in Berlin earlier this year. 

Capuano discussed talent, leadership, diversity and the overall resilience of the industry in this insightful interview. The industry came together and collaborated which "has been inspiring and should fill us all with optimism" but there is a long road ahead. He also spoke about the issue of hospitality's workforce, adding that business leaders must consider how they can restore confidence in people, to look to hospitality as a place where they can build lifelong careers. The next leaders in hospitality are seeking companies who share their own beliefs and morals and companies will need to demonstrate their commitment and progress in this area. 

Turning to the lenders, Capuano said that while many "hoped there would be a tsunami of distressed assets coming to market.....the lending community's thoughtfulness has helped stabilize a really difficult set of circumstances." And relationships across brands, franchisees and owners should be better placed for the next crisis we face as an industry from working collaboratively during the pandemic.