Checking In with CBRE Hotels Valuation Experts.



1.              Is anyone asking for formal valuations at the moment? Who and why?

•     Lenders - for refinancing, not aware of many valuations required for new lending given the lack of debt in the market

•     Receivers as part of the administration process

•     Fund valuations - in some instances the regularity of valuation requirements has increased

•     Accounts valuations continuing to go ahead


2.              How far have values fallen since December 2019?

•     For the UK hotel market, in the region of up to 10%, similar for Germany

•     Very asset specific, market specific, and also dependent on operating structures, for example leases where rents may have to be restructured and rent holidays or rent-free period being granted


3.              Is the fall in hotel values mainly a result of forecast declines in profit or increase in yields/ cost of money? 

•     Combination of both cash flows and yield / discount rates softening

•     Majority of drop however is through the impact on trading performance/cash flow


4.              What is the impact of COVID-19 on investor risk?

•     The investor pool is likely to retract back to those who have had longer exposure to the hotel market and are in it for the longer term

•     Secondary markets are likely to see a greater change, it is anticipated there will be a ‘flight to quality’ with prime markets holding out better

•     Greater scrutiny on rent cover ratios

•     Development of new hotels in many markets could be shelved as development finance increasingly difficult to obtain

•     Major disconnect between seller and buyer expectations now evident


5.              What will the uncertainty around future trading do to hotel values?

•        Values are likely to decline and anticipate cap rates to plateau

6.              What is your hope for the hospitality industry in a post COVID-19 world?

•        Social distancing may be in place for a long period hence the return to normality could take a long time

•        It may lead to some positive changes, as hotels may find efficiencies during this time that they continue to implement in the post Covid world

•        Encourages smarter ways of working

•        Increased use of technology, a catalyst for innovation

•        Greater scrutiny on new hotel development, particularly in markets that have a potential imbalance between demand and supply

•        Creative solutions to getting investment deals across the line. An increasing level of price + earn out deals

•        That individuals and businesses still place the same value in meeting and doing business face to face, in the same room, rather than on a video screen



Never has it been more important for us to stay close to the sector, to inform and support. We're running a series of conversations - Checking In - and will be talking to members of the sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you'd like to be involved, please get in touch.