Fine-tuning the business model: Q&A with Mark Anderson, Whitbread

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Whitbread's Mark Anderson joins us this week to discuss their growth and expansion in Germany as well as brand awareness and developing market appropriate business models. 

Whitbread own and operate all their hotels as well as a lot of the real estate, which allows for more flexibility and a greater control over their properties and a more stable operation all round. 

An understanding of the market and where it works was vital for expanding in Germany. "It functions at its best in a large market that is domestic", Germany is a market that has favoured considerably well for the group and of course other brands as well. 

How is Premier Inn implementing brand awareness to stand out against the competition in Germany?

"We are getting to a critical mass now where we can really understand how to fine-tune the model."

The branded supply is still relatively low in Germany and consumers seem more open to midscale to economy brands. 

Asked if the plan is to grow organically in Germany, Anderson said this is favourable but considerably timelier as well. 

How have they achieved critical mass and how have conversions contributed to their growth? 

Join us for this open conversation around performance, future development plans and a thoroughly insightful overview of the German market.