In Focus: A mid-year review, how it started, how it's going

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We are looking back at 2021, how it started and how it's going for the hospitality and travel industries. 

January 2021 started with a roar as hospitality came together to support the campaign for a Minister of Hospitality and we saw change in the White House in the US. 

The economic outlook vastly improved and it was clear that ESG was becoming a serious factor in the decision making process for asset managers, investors and the industry as a whole, starting with design. We debated if the sector was set for demise or for the birth of new opportunities

Brands spoke of the strength of their diverse portfolios and products and we looked at how the pandemic forced asset managers to test the resilience of their products as we witnessed an ever growing adjacent spaces market with continued growth in sectors such as senior living and extended stay remaining one of the bright spots of the pandemic. 

We discussed trends in the investment and lending segment, the benefits of utilising an investment platform, how to fine-tune your business model and how businesses can innovate and drive change through technology

As consumer behaviour shifted how did brands adapt, how has the meaning of luxury changed and why do parts of the sector feel that a boom is inevitable in the investment arena.  

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