In Focus: A political outlook

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Politics are in the air this week as the US election hangs in the air and second lockdowns commence, Alexi and Katherine walk though how the top three economies in Europe and the US are handling their support of the hospitality sector.

As we move into a second lockdown in Germany, France and the UK, what does it actually mean for hospitality this time round and what support schemes are available?

Katherine and Alexi dive into the nitty gritty of the support on offer for hotels follow this link for the further government guidance

As many iconic hotels in London are forced to close their doors in a bid to preserve cash, what will the impact be for landlords? 

Katherine describes how Hospitality and Tourism is a protected sector in France and we have seen more creative solutions to support the industry for sure. 

We also hear from Robert Alley, COO at Roomzzz Aparthotels who speaks of their healthy occupancy numbers due to the increased demand in extended stay. Robert also describes how open conversations with landlords have facilitated more flexibility during the crisis. 

And of course a mention of Airbnb which Alley sees as healthy competition and they have helped to elevate and progress the extended stay market. 

Back to Europe, Alexi highlights the unrest in the German hospitality market. In the US, where the elections will shape the future of the US hotel industry, the result is still iunknown. 

We will see shakeouts further up the chain, the cycle will out inevitably....but Hospitality will always prevail!