In Focus: A story of resilience

Brightcove Video

This week on In Focus Editor in Chief, Patrick Whyte, and Content Director, Julie Rey-Gore, are discussing two of the UK's most resilient brands, Travelodge and Thomas Cook. 

"Two old and quite renowned brands that have been battered by the pandemic." Following quite a turbulent year both may now be making a comeback as Travelodge appoints new Chiarman, Martin Robinson who has a long track record with groups such as Center Parcs, Disneyland Paris and Regus. A former CEO with a history in the leisure segment, Rey-Gore asks if we can expect to see more of this from the brand in the future? 

Meanwhile Fosun Tourism Group is relaunching Thomas Cook’s brand "Cook’s Club" which may be good news for small resort owners and developers as they focus on a much smaller offering. 

Could we expect a change of scene among some other bigger brands, perhaps with a move towards wellness and lifestyle?

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