In Focus with Jonathan Falik

Brightcove Video

Katherine interviews John Falik, Founder & CEO of JP Capital Advisors this week on In Focus.

JF Capital Advisors specialises in the hospitality industry and provides clients and partners a broad range of strategic and capital market solutions.

Jonathan leads the firm's hospitality business, which includes equity and debt placement, asset acquisitions and dispositions, portfolio transactions, JV structuring, asset management, management company and brand evaluation, and strategic and capital markets advisory services.

Katherine and Jonathan compare luxury and budget investment opportunities, and how the market looks for both short and long term investment, "long term investors are very excited by where we are in the cycle". 

While its easier to get funding for Budget hotels at the moment, there will always be demand for high end luxury hotels as they are seen as a more attractive asset in the long term. 

And Katherine asks is now the time we will see an equitable relationship between the brands and investors?

Lean in for a fascinating discussion on how things are looking up.