In Focus: Portugal is ripe for a boom in hotel investment

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Portugal is ripe for a boom in hotel investment, it's a fragmented market with a plethora of opportunities in the resort market, it offers vibrant cities and fantastic locations. We think it will be a hot market for the rest of the year. 

Rita Marques, Secretary of State of Tourism, Portugal, joined us this week to discuss travel and tourism in Portugal the impact of travel restrictions for the country's international tourist sector and their strategy to ensure it remains a prime location for external investors in hospitality and tourism. 

Marques adds that the hospitality market has remained strong, they haven't seen distressed assets and why it is a very attractive market for international investors.

Their strategy includes growing their long-haul markets such as Brazil, Canada and the US to reduce the seasonality rates and continuing to focus on the sustainability and diversity of their investment landscape. 

Is their agenda ambitious?

Don't miss the full interview available to listen as a podcast over here.