In Focus: Things are looking up

Brightcove Video

    Things are starting to look up in the hospitality sector as shares come up trumps following the announcement of a vaccine, and we hope to see a return of consumer confidence. Elaine Simon of Hotel Management joins Alexi and Katherine this week to discuss if they are seeing this optimism reflected in reportings. 

    Are the global players leaning too much on the strength of the Chinese market? Is it strong enough to keep them out of trouble right now? 

    Will be seen to be in a dominant position or not as they come under scrutiny of the European Commission and when "will hoteliers swoop in and pick up that leisure market with direct bookings?" 

    We are also joined by guest Jonathan Falik, Founder and CEO of JF Capital Advisors to discuss if investors still see hospitality as a long term prospect? While it is easier to get funding for budget hotels and there is certainly an appetite from investors, many have a personal bias for luxury hotels. 

    You hear it here first - the latest news and debates in hospitality.