In Focus: The top 3 reasons to have a resort in your portfolio

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We are looking back at the session “Resorts & The Leisure Market” from our International Hospitality Forum which included Club Med’s Gregory Lanter, Apple Leisure’s Fernando Fernandez, and Wyndham’s Christian Michel. Quite a heavy weight panel, each an expert in their field. Listen up as they discuss the reasons why resorts should be a part of your portfolio: flexibility, leisure demand has led the recovery and there is a prime opportunity to include branded residential and other asset classes within the strtucture of a resort.  

Resorts were well positioned to deal with the crisis and we heard Gregory speak about the flexibility of the resort model and how to make the most profit from investment, the way it adapts to seasonality highs and lows is one of the reasons it recovered so well from the pandemic “they’re made to be opened and closed, and you can easily switch your guests to another property,” he said.

Demand is strong for resorts, Fernandez said that “they are seeing occupancy rates in excess of 2019 in the Caribbean.”

Wyndham are adding to their offering again as they launched their Alltra brand, an all-inclusive resort brand that focuses on the upper-midscale segment. 

We'll continue the conversation at The Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum