In Focus: We're a people industry, how can we bring them back?

Brightcove Video

We know we've got a people issue in our industry but what can businesses do to tackle it? In this episode we're looking at how we can help attract and retain new talent for the long term and what strategies are working across the sector.

Staff shortages mean businesses are concered, how can we make the industry attractive and capture talent? What incentives can help to retain our people and what training and development needs to be put in place?

What role can the government play, the industry has been hit hard throughout the pandemic, perhaps making it a less attractive option for young students and graduates as it may be perceived as an unstable industry. How can we change this perceived image of the hospitality sector and what initiatives are already underway to improve the situation for the short, medium and long term?

With many thanks to our speakers:

Chris Mumford, Cervus Leadership Consulting

Dimitris Manikis, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Hubert Viriot, Yotel

David Orr, Resident Hotels

Harry Cragoe, The Gallivant/Coastal Hotels

Thomas Greenall, Bespoke Hotels

Gary Neville, GG Hospitality

Nicholas Northam, Interstate

Sean Worker, T5 Strategies

Kate Nicholls, UK Hospitality

Chris Dexter, Kew Green