In Focus: Where do we go from here, are we on the cusp of revolutionary change?

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This week on In Focus we are looking at loyalty, what it means and how it has evolved and our guest Sean Worker, Founder of T5 Strategies, sat down with Alexi Khajavi to share his predictions for how the sector can reset and innovate. 

Over the years the meaning of loyalty has evolved, how can the various brands adapt to enhance a sense of community as well as points? 

Is there an opportunity now for brands to really innovate their business models? How can cities rethink and redevelop to ensure hospitality is at the centre, bringing people together?

Integrating consumer data to predict consumer patterns and trends will be more imporant than ever to drive the customer experience says Worker.

In a time when "We are ripe for new product development" this is the time to at least adapt, if not innovate. Don't miss the full interview with Sean Worker over here. 

Not to be missed!