Future bookings build in UK


Bookings were increasing in the UK as hotels started to open, according to STR. 

The company reported on indications that leisure demand was returning. 

For the week to 28th June, occupancy, ADR and revpar remained static, with movement not expected until restrictions eased further.  Aberdeen experienced the highest occupancy level for the week (53%), while Belfast saw the lowest (7%). Forward occupancy as of 29 June showed that Newcastle has the highest business on the books when looking at the next 28 days.

Thomas Emanuel, director, STR, said: “The pattern remains: weekday peaks and weekend troughs.  Occupancy was peaking at 32% for open hotels a very gradual upwards trends, rate saw declines of 47%, revpar was steady with daily declines of 81% to 90%.”

Looking forward as at 28th June, the aggregated forward occupancy for six key markets for two, four and 13 weeks ahead saw most markets at 10% occupancy. Emanuel said: “We do see that booking are increasing into the future. Ninety days ahead there were weekend peaks and weekday troughs, indicating that leisure demand would be the first to come back. All markets see a slight uplift as they go into September.”