How are stakeholders innovating to support a strong recovery?

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How are stakeholders innovating to support each other, ensuring a strong recovery?

Where are the opportunities to innovate for owners and brands and how will it impact the guest? Pritchard asks what it will cost the owners and how can they measure a return on that investment. In this discussion, sustainability, talent, and technology are just some of the topics in review. 
Are brands doing enough to demonstrate the value that they bring? As Harnisch highlights "the need to invest in innovation is higher than ever but the ability to do so is very low." It comes at a cost and owners are already looking for more transparency of costs and system fees. Anand adds that Marriott are looking at how they can deliver the best returns for the owners, as they assess their competitiveness in the market while Menis Dyksztein mentions flexible lease structures which will be more agreeable for both owner and operator.

Lean in for expert opinions and insight from our IHIF Advisory Board. 

Hosted by Alexi Khajavi, President of Questex Hospitality & Travel, Jonathan Langston, Chair IHIF Advisory Board with guests:
Satya Anand, President, EMEA, Marriott International
Olivier Harnisch, Head of Hospitality, Public Investment Fund
Paula Menis Dyksztein, COO, Excem Real Estate S.L. 
Owen Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer, Hotels, CBRE. 
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