NH board member IntercityHotel MD 


Christian Kaschner is to take over from Joachim Marusczyk as managing director at IntercityHotel from 14 September.

Marusczyk has been at the helm of the brand since its formation in 1987.

Kaschner joins from NH Hotel Group, where he was commercial director and member of the board.

Thomas Willms, CEO, Deutsche Hospitality, said: “The success story of IntercityHotel is intrinsically linked with Joachim Marusczyk, It is hard to think of anyone else who has generated such a wealth of ideas and passion and exerted such an influence on the German hotel landscape over the past few decades. 

“He will depart to begin a well-deserved retirement in September, and in saying farewell we pay tribute to his life's work and express a great sense of gratitude. Christian Kaschner is an exceptional leadership personality, and we are delighted to have acquired his services.”

Matthias Heck, CFO & HR director, Deutsche Hospitality, added: "As well as establishing a successful hotel brand, Joachim Marusczyk has left a lasting stamp on the company as a whole over the years thanks to his personality, loyalty, inventiveness and capacity for innovation. He has been a professional companion and friend to many colleagues who have gone on to achieve considerable success today. He took on the task of acting as a role model and of discovering and fostering new generations. Christian Kaschner is a young and innovative managerial talent, and it is only right and proper that he should now be entrusted with the ongoing development of IntercityHotel. We will work together to expand growth even further."