Oetker Collection names CEO


Oetker Collection has named Dr. Timo Gruenert as its new CEO, succeeding Frank Marrenbach.

In 2009 Dr. Gruenert co-led the founding of Oetker Collection and has served as co-managing director and CFO ever since.

Dr. Gruenert began his career with the Oetker Group as assistant to the managing partner in 2005 after receiving his PhD from University of Giessen with a thesis on Mergers & Acquisitions in corporate crisis.

Dr. Gruenert said: “I am deeply honoured to step into the role of CEO and continue the journey that Frank Marrenbach and I began over 10 years ago. It has always been our aim to grow Oetker Collection into a brand that operates exceptional hotels – true Masterpieces – with family spirit, elegance and genuine kindness. I firmly believe that this puts us in a unique space in today’s hospitality landscape. The company, its Masterpiece Hotels and my fellow-hoteliers around the world occupy a very special place in my heart and I could not be more excited to lead us into the next chapter. We will continue to write the story together.”

Commenting on how he expected COVID-19 to change the hospitality industry, Dr. Gruenert said: “I guess we are all just starting to get a sense of what the long-term effects on the industry will be. Having said that, there is one thing I am sure about: this crisis has reminded a lot of people what is really important in life. Spending time in airports and planes is not; being able to spend quality time with the people you love is.

“My initial feeling is that we should see this as an opportunity for our industry. Qualities like sincerity and kindness will gain in value and building meaningful connections will perhaps become more important than ‘the next big experience’. I certainly consider our Masterpiece Hotels to be in good standing once we manage to overcome the immediate crisis.”