Oyo lowers fees to build estate


Oyo said that it had added more than 1,200 rooms in the UK since the start of April.

The company said that it modified its offering, simplifying its structure and lowering fees. 

“Now more than ever, independent hotel owners are looking for ways to reduce their fixed costs whilst maintaining consistent levels of customer service and experience,” said Paul McManus, head of supply at OYO UK & Europe. “Many of the developments that OYO has made to its proposition have come about as a result of partner feedback and we are now offering what we feel is a far more effective and attractive partnership during an undeniably testing time.”

Oyo said that it had been able to maintain occupancy at a number of its hotels throughout the spring lockdown by keeping them open for key workers and others in need of interim accommodation.   

Since the start of April, Oyo’s partnership team has secured more than 200,000 booked room nights at its UK hotels for key workers in fields such as healthcare, oil and gas, logistics, manufacturing and construction. In addition, Oyo struck deals with local authorities, government departments and charities to provide accommodation for vulnerable individuals including homeless guests and asylum seekers.