Stakeholder Alignment: The Value of the Brands

INtel Feb 21

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Relations between hospitality stakeholders, particularly hotel owners and brands, have always been a delicate balance. 2020 has thrown in a whole new level of complexity as all parties were trying to keep their businesses alive. Will lessons be learnt from the pandemic on how to improve these relations?

On the one hand, the crisis has called for more flexibility, and the global brands have been quick to implement measures to support property owners. But perhaps more than ever, the value of the brands and their loyalty programmes in particular is being questioned. Will they need to work harder to (re)gain owners’ trust?

On the other hand, the reliability of a strong brand is appealing to owners and guests alike. Conversion brands are attracting attention, and hospitality groups are launching new ones dedicated to new needs.

With four in-depth articles and whitepapers covering issues in Europe and North America, this month's INtel looks at the value of the brands, in particular in terms of costs, loyalty programmes and the impact of the pandemic.