Sustainability, an appetite for change: A Q&A with MKV Designs' Maria Vafiadis

In Focus
We are at the pivotal point where the hospitality industry has the chance to take a more considered approach to design and development.

How has the meaning of luxury changed during the pandemic and the importance of design as it evolves?

Maria Vafiadis, Founder and Managing Director, MKV Designs will be speaking at IHIF on the session, Luxury: What does it Mean Now? Register today to secure your ticket. 

In this week's podcast, we sat down with Maria to discuss the design process, how it is evolving and why investors are increasingly interested in sustainability matters. 

Maria’s approach to design challenges the conventional and refines the spirit of luxury, achieving unforgettable destinations that serve the test of time. Inspired by her travels, the artisans she encounters, and the culture and nature of each project’s location, her studio’s portfolio encompasses chic urban hotels, grand historic establishments, deluxe business hotels and luxury resorts as well as exclusive residential developments, signature golf course clubhouses and gaming establishments.
Maria’s range of vision comes from an instinct for luxury design and the creative insight to draw ideas from diverse sources, whether an object that tells a story, or the energy of an entire city.