Sustainability Council: How Can Asset Managers Add Value Sustainably

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How do you add value as an asset manager sustainably and efficiently?

This is the second of a three-part series from our Sustainability Council, an initiative from Questex Hospitality and The Considerate Group.

"Be careful not to greenwash" Dissez said, "communication is key".

Collaboration across the sector was the main message from Boschmans, it is more important than ever to align operators, investors, assest managers and guests to think and act more sustainably.

Flück underlined the importance of measuring the environmental impact on buildings for both the long and short term. Sustainability is a very complex issue today as asset managers are seek to add value in very different ways to just two years ago. 

Its seems all sectors of the industry are in agreement: there is no time for pledges or goals, it is time for action.

Thanks to our council members for their inspirational contribution to this increasingly important  topic. The sustainability council met at IHIF 2021 to continue the conversation and they will continue at R&R in October. Take a look at the programme to find out more. 

Luc Boschmans, Tristan Capital Partners

Emmanuel Dissez, Schroder

Adrian Flück, Invesco Real Estate

Julie Rey-Gore, Content Dorector, Questex Hospitality & Travel

Xenia Zu Hohenlohe, Partner & Founder, Considerate Group