Resort Development Spotlight: Luxury mixed-use project Elounda Hills by Mirum Group

Eulanda Hills, Mirum
Eulanda Hills, Crete, Greece, by Mirum

A landmark project in the Mediterranean, Elounda Hills sets out to be a ground-breaking mixed-use resort integrating branded residences and villas in Crete. Timur Beteev, CEO of developer Mirum Group share how it was conceived and the next steps towards its opening, ahead of their participation to the Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum (R&R) in Portugal on 25-27 October. 

Hospitality Insights: What is Mirum’s role in the project?

Timur Beteev: We are the creators of Elounda Hills. We had a vision for the resort and spent years of effort and investment to purchase many small land parcels to create the unique site that is now the project. Today we have the function of both investor and developer. We are responsible for the entire cycle of work from design approval to  realisation.

Hospitality Insights: This is Mirum’s first resort project. What does your experience bring to the project?

Beteev: Mirum has built and delivered over 800 luxury residential units in  the most successful gated community projects in Russia. Furthermore, in Crete we have developed a private estate of luxury villas and recently opened a luxury boutique hotel, The Island Concept. We have developed extensive local and regional contacts and learned how to navigate the local environment. Large-scale residential experience in Russia combined with significant local experience in Crete has made Mirum an international developer with extensive capabilities. 

Hospitality Insights: How would you describe the Elounda Hills concept?

Beteev: Elounda Hills is the next generation resort with ambition to become the best in the Mediterranean. Through use of cutting-edge design and the latest technological and sustainable innovations, it will create an environment for dynamic and healthy family holidays in a luxury resort. Central to the project is a 5-star hotel and branded residences. It also includes a residential community, marina, beach clubs, and other infrastructure and amenities that together will create a year-round resort.

Hospitality Insights: What is the current status of the project?

Beteev: The land is held freehold with the coastal zone (Federal land) held via a long-term concession agreement and the licensing and planning permissions for the resort and the marina are in process. The conceptual master plan of the project has been prepared by resort projects designers WATG. A hotel management agreement has been signed with SH Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Starwood Capital, under the 1 Hotels & Homes brand. We expect to receive the the building permit and commence construction works by Q2 2022.

Hear more about Eulanda Hills at R&R: Jason Leonardi, Investment Director at Mirum Group, and Abhay Bakaya, Senior Vice President of Development of SH Hotels & Resorts, will present the project at the Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum (R&R) on Wednesday 27th October in 'Inspiring Resorts: Rethinking Development Concepts'.