‘Work in residence’ at Ascott


The Ascott Limited has launched its ‘Work in Residence’ initiative at participating properties worldwide.

The group said that it was transforming selected apartments “into conducive work suites” which guests can now book on its website.

The company was working with a range of suppliers to offer Starbucks coffee kiosks, organise live streaming or fitness activities in its apartments, and serving as parcel collection hubs for convenient pick-up of online orders.

Kevin Goh, CapitaLand’s CEO, lodging and Ascott’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Ascott’s strengths in the long-stay segment have bolstered our resilience against headwinds from the Covid-19 situation. Our record of securing 25 new properties in the first five months of 2020 as well as the addition of six new lyf properties in July are testament to the strong demand for our expertise and products. To ensure that Ascott remains a dominant lodging player in the new normal, we must be agile, continually adapt and develop new business strategies to future-ready our company. We are evolving our lodging products and services to cater to new customer segments, uncover alternative revenue streams as well as deliver greater value for our guests and business partners.”

Leong Teng Wui, Ascott’s CDO, added: “With the launch of Ascott’s ‘Work in Residence’, we are seizing opportunities on the rising telecommuting trend to offer a comprehensive solution for guests to live and work in a safe and private space. Ascott’s award-winning interior design service team will work with the properties and owners to leverage our deep design capabilities to reconfigure and customise Ascott’s spacious apartments, to not only provide a home away from home, but also create a conducive, productive and well-designed workspace for our guests.”