Caleb Parker_Bold
Caleb Parker
Founder and Director

Caleb is the Founder of Bold, a brand that creates flexible spaces and communities for entrepreneurs & innovators to dream, create, share, & succeed.

Bold partners with office, retail and hotel asset owners to deliver new profit centers by capitalizing on the growing trend for flexible workspace.

Caleb also host of The #WorkBold Podcast, which has been downloaded in 50 countries, and is the only podcast in the world dedicated to Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS).

He’s an American entrepreneur in London whose career has straddled hospitality and commercial real estate. He consults with asset managers and investors on deploying the 5 pillars of Space-as-a-Service, advises startups and entrepreneurs in his spare time, and regularly contributes on LinkedIn and Twitter with his views on the future of work.

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