Federico Holzmann
Federico Holzmann Pérez-Portabella
Director, Development & Asset Management
Catalonia Hotels & Resorts

Federico Holzmann (Director of Development & Asset Management, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts) has developed expertise in hospitality companies such as the Ritz-Carlton and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts. He has been teaching as adjunct professor on the International Master in Hospitality Management at EADA and is currently associated professor at the Hospitality Master of the UAB. After 12 years working for Catalonia H & R where he has developed experience within Hotel Operations, he is now responsible for the corporate Development Strategy & Asset Management.

Speaking at International Hospitality Investment Forum

Evolution of the Asset Management Function and its Benefit to Hotel Investment

Whilst often maligned, the Asset Management function has proved to be a critical part of the hotel operation, driving performance and value.