Ben Godon
Ben Godon
Head of Hospitality Asset Management

As Co-Head of the Hospitality Asset Management division, Ben helps to develop the business nationally and internationally based upon his extensive knowledge and experience within the hospitality sector.

Over a career that spans more than 30 years Ben has developed his expertise within the sector from the ground-up, working in a variety of management roles in a diverse range of hotel properties and brands. This has provided him with the experience and hands-on knowledge to provide Collier’s clients with the insightful support and advice they require that helps to make their investments and properties a success. The invaluable experience and expertise that Ben gained over his time in these management roles has provided him with the knowledge to advise our clients on a broad range of relevant subjects.

Ben and his team have significant experience in the implementation of strategic plans as well as maximising the return on investment for our clients. He has responsibility for the asset management of our expanding portfolio of Central and Eastern European properties, as well as our luxury properties across Western Europe.
His team is tasked with driving improved performance of these properties and investigating opportunities for generating additional cash flow and revenue. Through the identification of operational strengths and weaknesses they have achieved outstanding results for our clients and continue to help grow and support their investments.
Combining strategic thinking with operational expertise, Ben offers the insight that our clients are looking for, whether that be on brand, people, resources, management or operations.

Speaking at International Hospitality Investment Forum

Evolution of the Asset Management Function and its Benefit to Hotel Investment

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