Imad Barrakad
Imad Barrakad
CEO, Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development
SMIT Morocco

Mr. Imad BARRAKAD serves as CEO of the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development – SMIT Since 2011. Mr. BARRAKAD has worked actively during this period on the development of the tourism product in Morocco both by raising investment capital as well as conducting strategic studies to launch several large scale tourism development projects. Mr. BARRAKAD coordinates with various stakeholders involved in these developments and attends several high profile international events dedicated to the promotion of tourism investment with the aim to boost and maintain attractiveness of Morocco. Mr. BARRAKAD also holds several positions as Director and Board Member of various development entities involved in tourism projects around the country. Prior to joining SMIT, Mr. BARRAKAD held several key positions in different government entities.

Mr. BARRAKAD is an Industrial Engineer and holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management.

Mr. BARRAKAD is married and has two daughters.

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