Luca Bovone
Luca Bovone

Finding a place to call home has always been a struggle for me - especially while changing location every 6-12 months, from Hong Kong to Shanghai to the US. That’s why after working at Dropbox as part of the European landing team, I founded Habyt, now one the leading co-living providers in Europe.

Our mission at Habyt is to make cities more sustainable via intelligent design, and create a kick-ass housing experience while doing it. Founded about 4 years ago, we are now in 5 countries (Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy) with thousands of properties and customers across these markets. Habyt has raised € 35 M by some of the most successful venture capital and real estate investors in Europe.

When I don’t work I love learning about food and experiencing it, and I recently started to apply this knowledge by angel investing in a few startups disrupting the way we eat.

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