Luca Fernandes_Le Bijou
Luca Francis Fernandes
Head of Investor Relations and Board Member
Le Bijou

Luca is a hospitality expert with a BBA from one of the world’s leading hospitality schools (Les Roches) and he holds an MSc in International Business.

Currently, Luca acts as the Head of Investor Relations for Le Bijou where he is in charge of the company's Fundraising activities and represents numerous institutional as well as private investors.

In July of 2021, he was appointed the new board member of Le Bijou where he will be responsible for overseeing the company's new projects.

Speaking at Adjacent Spaces

Rethinking Hospitality Investment Strategies & Models

Every crisis opens the way to new distressed opportunities. How has the bargain hunt impacted the portfolio? How has the investors' sentiment towards the adjacent sector changed? What key markets emerged as most promising to invest in? What asset classes shine bright?