Mark Essex

Mark  has a strategy background but now applies his unique brand of critical thinking and an analytical approach to come at questions from a different angle.  He refuses to accept difficult trade-offs until he’s explored the possibility of using a disruptive approach.

As Director of Public Policy, Mark analyses Brexit, domestic politics and global megatrends and translates the impact for clients.

Mark is an experienced writer, thinker, keynote speaker, and live broadcast panellist and presenter. He covers Brexit, policy, megatrends and corporate strategy and acts as Editor in Chief on a number of KPMG programmes.

Speaking at International Hospitality Investment Forum

Investing in Portugal: Opportunities and Financial Instruments

Join KPMG’s Brexit expert Mark Essex for his take on the scenarios: Will the UK and EU live happily ever after? Dealing with the cliff-hangers; How do you plan when you don’t know how the story will end? Is your industry the central theme or a sub-plot?