Piers Brown
International Hospitality Media

Piers is CEO of International Hospitality Media - specialist in online publishing; conference, exhibition and events, and advisory services for growth sectors of the hospitality industry. He plays an active role with the expansion of BoutiqueHotelNews.com, ServicedApartmentNews.com and ShortTermRentalz.com and hosts high level annual awards and conferences, including the inaugural URBAN LIVING FESTIVAL 2020: stay-live-work. Piers holds an MBA, ISMM and IDM Diplomas. He has also held senior positions in the national media and retail industries.

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Growth Spurt: The Maturing Hostel Market

Hostels are no longer the reserve of backpackers: new hostel brands are offering something from everyone, from low-budget groups to discerning travellers looking for better design on a budget. What's the investment opportunity, and is this maturing market getting better at meeting the needs of investors?