Sean Worker
Seán Worker
Managing Director & Principal
T5 Strategies

T5 Strategies is a leading international advisory firm, specializing in the Travel and Hospitality sector. With a deep expertise in service-oriented technology platforms, the T5 Team assists businesses in the CoLiving, Co-Working, Hotels, Hostels, Vacation Rentals, Franchising, property Real Estate and Sharing Economy categories to unlock the means to connect to their target markets and deliver their products and services efficiently.

A business transformation leader that Gets Stuff Done (GSD), T5 connects vision to strategy, utilizing front line technology and engaged people in an inclusive and transparent work environment to serve up authentic User Experiences (“Ux”).

Specialties: Business process architecture, Travel Technology Platforms, CoLiving, CoWorking, Student Living, Advisory Board formation & governance, Executive Coaching, Interim C-Suite support.

Speaking, Moderating & Forums: Urban Living Festival, Adjacent Spaces, Skift Tech Forum, Serviced Apartment Summit, HD Design Expo, Invesco Investors’ Briefing Conference Europe, Cornel Baker School of Real Estate, IHIF, The Lodging Conference.

Speaking at Adjacent Spaces

Adjacent Spaces Opening Address

The host of the inaugural Adjacent Spaces event Sean Worker, Managing Director, T5 Strategies will set the tone for the event and take the audience through key themes. 

Speaking at Adjacent Spaces

Recovery or Rebirth? Rebuilding Strategies for Adjacent Spaces

Leading CEOs discuss state of play and share vision to rebuild innovative real estate concepts. How have they steered their businesses through the pandemic? What have they changed to remain competitive? What their top priorities are? What will drive the recovery and growth?

Speaking at Adjacent Spaces

Closing remarks