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Invest Saudi

Invest Saudi is Saudi Arabia’s nation-wide investment brand, designed to enable the clear, unified and effective communication of the Kingdom’s investment opportunities to global and domestic investors and private sector businesses.
Overseen by the Ministry of Investment (MISA), Invest Saudi is enabling closer collaboration and alignment across ministries, government authorities and the private sector to strengthen the promotion of a growing number of investment and business opportunities in the Kingdom, helping to drive sustainable national economic growth. 
Attracting inward investment and increasing private sector participation in the economy are key to the success of  Vision 2030.
The Kingdom is living in an era where the economy is thriving and the nation is reviving. There is an ocean of untapped potential that needs to be explored. The growth of the Saudi market and a host of new and emerging sectors is opening up doors to innovative investments in a sustainable business environment.
Our aim is to support you and your business needs wherever we can and create a positive impact for investors throughout their journey in Saudi Arabia. 

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