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Israel Ministry of Tourism

Given the all-time record in 2019 for incoming tourism of 4.5 million tourists, and due to the shortage of accommodation in Israel, Israel offers entrepreneurs excellent business opportunities for hotel investment. The Israel Ministry of Tourism can assist you in several ways: 1. Grants: Up to 20% (in the form of cashback) of the cost of the construction of new hotels, the expansion or the restoration of existing ones or the conversion of a building into a hotel (excluding Tel Aviv and Herzliya). 2. Contact between investors and Government offices or local authorities: We are here to assist you in order to better understand the regulation and navigate the best way possible to maximize your project. 3. Mixed-use: Amendment No.107 to the Planning and Building Law This Amendment offers hotel promoters an opportunity to request a permit for up to an additional 20% of the authorized surface for residential use. 4. Investment opportunities: The Israel Ministry of Tourism maps out dozens of investment opportunities: story.mapme.com/israelhotelinvestment For more information, please contact Lorin Maugery, Head of Foreign Investor Relations, at [email protected]