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We are pioneering and collaborative with a profound respect for where we’ve been. We believe that brilliant design comes from a deep understanding of the context and culture we’re creating in, and that our solutions have the power to transform the human experience. At WATG, we’ve been designing landmark destinations for 75 years, shaping timeless spaces and places that span the globe.

Independent from the start and still firmly rooted in hospitality, we are nimble and attuned to the unique needs of multifaceted developments. Our five collaborative studios—Strategy, Planning, Architecture, Landscape, and Wimberly Interiors—stay true to our guiding principles, designing spaces that respect and enhance the natural magic of their surroundings, all while delivering longterm value for our clients.

Why Choose Us?
Heritage has its Perks. With more built hospitality projects than any other firm worldwide, we’ve accrued a vast global network of resources, renowned market knowledge, and a diverse portfolio of award-winning work—attracting passionate, dedicated talent at the top of their game.

Bespoke Solutions and Studios. With every new project we take into consideration the development goals as well as the challenges and opportunities of the site to deliver an authentic, cost-effective, and culturally relevant design. Collaboration among our five disciplinary studios ensures holistic, emotional intelligent, elegant solutions that are never formulaic and never average.

Long-Term Value. Eliminating risk and generating return for our clients is at the forefront of our minds throughout every phase of every project. We understand the importance of stakeholder goals, the complexity of mixed-use developments, and the efficiencies that can be gained with the right operational design. We have the institutional market knowledge to create long-term value for our clients delivered on budget and on time.