Chris Dexter_CEO_Kew Green Hotels
Chris Dexter
Kew Green Hotels

Prior to joining Kew Green Hotels and its parent company, China Tourism Group (CTG), Chris was Vice President of Operations, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, South East Asia and the Pacific Rim based in Singapore and formerly Vice President of Operations for Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotels and Resorts, Greater China.

With a wealth of experience gained in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, UK and Asia, Chris aims to grow further the business in the UK and overseas utilising Kew Greens team of specialists to deliver increased profits for all owners and stakeholders.

Speaking at The Annual Hotel Conference (AHC)

Pivot! Rethinking Operating Models and Growth Strategies

Now that the dust has settled, what has transpired? What has fundamentally changed in the hotel business? How are the hospitality leaders steering through? How have the business models changed, and how have the mindsets change? What projects were put on steroids and what - on hibernation?