Hans Meyer_Zoku
Hans Meyer

Hans Meyer is one of the Co-founders and Managing Directors at Zoku. A firm believer of value creation and innovation for the international hospitality industry, Hans is the initial creator and previous founding partner of the citizenM hotel concept and held senior corporate positions in operations and development for NH Hotels and Golden Tulip Hotels, Inns & Resorts. 

Experiencing life first-hand as a digital nomad, Hans lived and worked remotely throughout Europe, Africa, The Middle-East and Central America. This allowed him to discover a gap in worldwide hotel accommodation and inspired him to create a hybrid living and working solution that was yet to exist in the hospitality industry.

Hans is now a thought leader for subjects related to brand, innovation and the future of work. Currently responsible for innovation, culture, concept development, and strategic partnerships for the Zoku brand, Hans passionately mentors branding techniques, the power of creativity and guest experience, and innovation in conceptual design for the hospitality and startup sectors. Hans was educated at Hotelschool The Hague and Cornell University in the United States.

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