Ian Burleigh
Ian Burleigh
Executive Chairman

One of the founders of the ICA design studio, Ian is an Architect and Interior Designer who has spent his entire career designing hotels.

Relatively early in his career as an Architect Ian concluded that an architectural and design studio could evolve to become far more focused on meeting Client’s aspirations, efficient and meticulous with regards to the work being produced and something ‘more’ than most practices that existed at that time. Ian fed this formulation of ideas and principles into the base structure of ICA and as the studio has grown and evolved these notions have developed in tandem. Over the course of his career Ian himself has gained a strong reputation as a man who ‘gets things done’. Ian retains a client focused and commercially aware approach to the business of design, with meticulous care for accuracy and efficiency in detail, evidenced by his skilful ability to conduct successful negotiations with planning bodies across the country. Outside of ICA Ian has been a developer of hotels and other residential properties. Ian is also a hotel owner and investor which he believes gives him a better understanding of the hotel business so that ICA’s designers can better understand the hotelier’s perspective.