Kirsten Davis
Kirsten Davis
Creative Director

Kirsten is an Associate within ICA and Creative Director of Interior Design. She has over 17 years’ experience as an Interior Designer within London and Glasgow based practices, with a focus on interiors and architecture in the hospitality, commercial and leisure sectors. Kirsten has strong conceptual and practical knowledge of design and architecture processes, with a proven track record of coordinating and delivering hospitality projects on an international level. She lives and breathes design and inspires the team with her passion and drive, making client aspirations a reality. Kirsten undertakes the role of Creative Director on all Interior Design projects, feeding into the project development at appropriate stages, maintaining a clear view of the design concept and ensuring that it is implemented as the project progresses.

Speaking at The Annual Hotel Conference (AHC)

Design Roundtable: Hotel Design Trends and Innovations

How will hotels adapt, change and respond to a world where there are no certainties? Discuss COVID- and future-proof design trends.