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There are an estimated 11.5 million unpaid carers in the UK - a diverse demographic that has faced significant hardship prior to and during the pandemic. A recent Carers Week research report, Break or Breakdown (June 2021), found that 74% of surveyed carers were exhausted as a result of caring and 71% stressed and anxious.
Taking a break is established as a key way unpaid carers can cope with their role, yet 72% hadn’t had any breaks during the pandemic, and 46% hadn't had any time off in 5 years.
While there is a widespread recognition that improving access to breaks should be a priority (with 2 in 5 carers classifying it as one of the top three things that would make the biggest difference to their quality of life), there is little means to achieve this outcome, without new budget provision or effective distribution mechanisms.
Carefree provides a direct solution to this critical social challenge by matching full-time unpaid carers with short stays donated by our hospitality partners. Our technology platform also allows social sector organisations to refer carers to our service, and carers to register and self-identify for breaks. In doing so we maximise the reach of their limited carer break support budgets and produce better joined-up service delivery.
It is more important than ever to transform the way that carers can access breaks to help carers recover from the impact of caring during COVID-19.

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