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The Hotel Property Team

We at The Hotel Property Team (THPT) are a small group of highly experienced business professionals. Between us, we provide a range of skills and experience which is directly relevant to those involved in the hotel property market.
At the simplest level, our mandate is to work in a highly discreet manner for our clients to engineer and create opportunities which may not otherwise be available in the open market.
If you are interested in hotel investment The Hotel Property team can provide the perfect service for you. We work with institutions, high net worth individuals, and sovereign funds who want to invest. Our service can explore opportunities and create a suitable strategy. On top of this we can offer ongoing services for holding on to assets and developing them.
For hoteliers and property owners, we provide a service for disposing of hotel assets, or the trading business as required, where discretion is key. We are highly targeted in the way we approach potential buyers.