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AHP is a centenary association that focuses its action on the business and future of its members, oriented towards innovation, knowledge and the market. The hotel industry represents the best that is done in Portugal, for its innovation, for its class, for the excellent service of its professionals, but also for the representation it has today in its contribution to the national economy. In its more than 100 years of existence, AHP has had the responsibility of being the sector's reflection, dignifying the hotel industry and associations in Portugal.

We are an association for everyone: large and small units. Independent hotels can find in the association the support of a structure that allows them to gain scale, have advantages in commercial negotiations, and have services that would be unaffordable for a small business. For all, AHP serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and knowledge, with national representation and close to decision centers.

AHP is a growing association and currently has around 700 members representing more than 65% of the contribution of hospitality to the national economy. It is our ambition to grow more and more, to associate all hotels in Portugal and represent them with one voice, with strength, credibility and demand.


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