Emmanuel Guisset
Emmanuel Guisset
CEO & Co-founder

Emmanuel Guisset is chief executive officer and co-founder of Outsite, a community-based hospitality brand designed for remote workers, freelancers and creatives, with a growing international portfolio of more than 25 locations across three continents and eight countries.

Born and raised in Belgium, Emmanuel started his career in online travel, which took him all over Europe and Latin America before he settled down in California’s tech hub of Silicon Valley. There, he worked in business development for several startups and realized he could do it while living anywhere.

As an avid surfer, Emmanuel started beta testing the nomadic lifestyle, living and working from cool surf and ski towns like Santa Cruz, San Diego and Lake Tahoe while flying to conferences and visiting clients. With the lack of options for flexible living accommodations and a yearning for community, Emmanuel saw an opportunity and decided to create a global network of living spaces purpose-built for remote workers.

Five years later, Emmanuel is still living the lifestyle and working from his fast-growing portfolio of nomadic spaces – and millions of people are now following his path!