Matthias Huettebraeuker
Matthias Huettebraeuker
Hospitality Strategist and Founding Partner

A Renaissance man by design and a strategist by profession, Matthias has created, accelerated and transformed brands for the last 20 years.

He held Managing Director positions at the much-awarded creative agencies Pixelpark and Scholz & Friends and is advising global heavyweights across all industries, from automotive to aviation, real estate to telecommunications, mobility, healthcare and more.

Matthias joined the world of hospitality 15 years ago as Director of Global Marketing and Product Development at Design Hotels, shaping the personality and appearance of the brand to this day. He has started his independent practice in 2007 and has since been behind some of the most exciting hotel projects of the last decade, including the experimental pop up hotel as well as some regulars in the world´s-best-hotels rankings, the individual nine-room gem as well as the billion-dollar-valued global hotel group.

Matthias is working on multiple levels of brand development, brand strategy and brand therapy, product innovation and customer experience. His radical-brand approach is always deeply consumer centric, often disruptive and never boring. He lives in Munich.

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