Rafael Museri
Rafael Museri
Co-Founder & CEO

Rafael (Rafi) Museri is the co-founder & CEO of Selina, a nomadic lifestyle brand that accommodates the needs of a new generation of travelers and digital nomads. Rafi and his business partner, Daniel Rudasevsk, launched Selina in 2015 with the mission of inspiring authentic and meaningful connections through the world's first work, stay and play ecosystem.

Rafi and Daniel have been immersed in cultural and community building for over a decade — originally through their disruptive real estate company (Dekel), which redevelops struggling neighborhoods into vibrant communities. Based on key learnings from their work with Dekel, they launched Selina and have carried forward the concept of converting distressed assets into community-based and economically viable hospitality properties.

Over the past 4 years, Selina has expanded to 70+ properties in 20 countries and plans to have over 130,000 beds open in 400+ locations by 2023.