Alessandro Palazzi
Alessandro Palazzi
Bar Manager, DUKES BAR

Alessandro Palazzi, world-renowned head barman at DUKES Bar at DUKES LONDON, is a credit to the hotel and a creative genius. Alessandro’s mixology skills have led DUKES’ martinis to be named the best in London, putting DUKES Bar on the map both locally and internationally. Alessandro is a professional and welcoming host who takes exquisite care of his guests personally on all occasions and is very much loved by his regulars, some of which include high profile celebrities. Alongside his perfect etiquette, Alessandro is charming and allows his personality to come through as he provides guests with interesting information about the origins of their drinks.

Alessandro is not only respected by young people within the drinks industry but is also a key figure known amongst other baristas and suppliers alike. Alessandro was even asked to join the panel of experts to taste and approve Berry Brothers No 3 Gin and consequently gain a dedicated window display in the St. James St. Store.

Always loyal to the hotel, Alessandro is constantly trying to gain recognition for DUKES LONDON and DUKES Bar through various partnerships. Alessandro uses his creativity to come up with exciting new concepts for DUKES LONDON and DUKES Bar.

Alessandro has been a key figure in the drinks industry and the history of DUKES LONDON and continues to go the extra mile to ensure that he represents quality of service at the highest degree.

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