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The Path Ahead

Following a period of volatility, security and solidarity are natural and instinctive responses. 
Hospitality will always be a human-powered industry; a community of welcoming, warm and generous individuals who, collectively, come together to create a network that provides comfort for intrepid explorers, sanctuary for travellers and escapism for adventurers. This is delivered amidst stunning architecture, delicious food, relaxing surroundings, sustainable operations and by a team ready to serve, entertain and delight.
All this is as it has always been and will be in the future. 
But there are questions that need asking, discussions to be had, debates to be tabled and lessons to be learnt. The platform for all this will be, as it has always been, the International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF).
IHIF is the global voice of authority in hospitality investment, development and operations. The meeting place for dynamic, forward-thinking and progressive leaders. Join us at IHIF 2021.

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Hospitality Insights

The new IHIF is year-round, opening virtual doors to the industry’s hardest-to-reach investors and developers. This group of mavericks actively engage with content that can be accessed at one's fingertips via membership with Hospitality Insights.
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Hospitality Investor Sentiment Assessment

Through our latest Investor Sentiment Assessment, we are capturing buying and selling behaviours of those who plan to join us at IHIF. Creating an audience of those looking for their next project and ready to meet our sponsoring companies.
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The IHIF networking and event platform

IHIF now gives your business the year-round support you need to make the right connections and ensure those connections lead to something spectacular.

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What is everyone saying?

Direct from our attendees

"Events like IHIF are so important because all of the big players are here, whether they are hotel brands or the distributors, and it gives a great sense to the investors and hotel owners about where the industry is headed over the next twelve months."

David Scowsill
President & CEO, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

"I wouldn’t miss it, I come every year it’s a spectacular way to start my year and connect with everyone that matters and to see where we are in the industry and where we are going."

Chris Nassetta
President & CEO, Hilton

"If I had to describe IHIF in one word it would be Everybody! Everybody is here from the industry from the investors to the suppliers, from your competitors to your existing clients and potential clients are here."

Alexander Dadak
Senior Director of Development – Europe, Rosewood Hotel Group