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    European travellers’ sentiment towards both domestic and inter-regional travel is improving, according to a European Travel Commission survey conducted at the end of 2020 with European citizens from 10 high-volume source markets.
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    Accor is boasting a healthy development pipeline for 2021 banking on lifestyle, luxury and conversion brands, as recently announced Chief Development Officer Agnes Roquefort takes on her new role.
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    American private equity firm Blackstone is rumoured to be eyeing UK company Bourne Leisure, in a move that would increase the company’s presence in the UK leisure sector.
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    The Supreme Court has upheld its judgement in favour of policyholders, on the Financial Conduct Authority’s business interruption insurance test case
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    If you’re a brand company which has management or franchise agreements with a Reit  - and that’s a fair few, given that Reits aren’t allowed to get into putting the mint on the pillow game themselves - you will have been watching SVC’s antics with a quickly-beating heart.
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    UK COVID Response
    As UK hospitals and care facilities are continuing to struggle with capacity due to the current wave of COVID-19, a group of UK hoteliers have been calling for the government and NHS trusts to work with them to accommodate patients in safely adapted hotels.