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Preparing for a brighter future

As Pandox released their reuslts last week, CEO Anders Nissen stated "we are preparing for a brighter future". After a difficult fourth quarter in 2020 they remain optimistic. In this interview with Alexi Khajavi, Anders discusses their strategy, future opportunities and shares his knowledge from both an owner and operator persepctive.  Anders discusses why they may be looking outside Scandinavia for their next investment and the benefits of hybrid lease structures right now.  Don't miss our roundup video, Diversity is key, with Hotel Management's Elaine Simon reviewing the latest results.  

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    Pandox adopted a determinedly optimistic tone as it published full year results on 11 February. “We are preparing for a brighter future,” said CEO Anders Nissen. The upbeat assessment came despite a sharp reversal in recovery trends in October, November and December 2020 and admission that current conditions were “bad.”