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Investor Suvery Q2

Hospitality Insights Investor Sentiment Assessment Q2

The second quarterly Hospitality Investor Sentiment Assessment conducted by Questex and ABP Invest is available for download.

The first survey was launched at the start of the pandemic, at a time when the sector was reeling, and this latest edition takes us into the second phase of the outbreak, as the sector tentatively reopens around the world.


Investor Suvery Q1

Hospitality Investor Sentiment Assessment Q1 2020

Welcome to Questex Hospitality and ABP Invest’s inaugural Hospitality Investor Sentiment Assessment Some might think this an inauspicious time to release an investor sentiment assessment, yet we believe it fortuitous to have conducted our inaugural assessment amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in March as it provides an exclusive reference point for quarters and years to come.

Where Are We Going?

Where are we going now no-one is going anywhere?

The only way is up

For economists, these are simple times. The only way is up. The only questions are when and how, with all debates considering what shape the recovery will take. Key will be the reasons behind the lift in restrictions. If there is an effective vaccine, normal life can return in a rush. If the virus can be contained, but not dismissed, then travel will be more localised.


Giving the robots power during COVID-19 By Ben Walker

Hotel owners, managers and operators have plenty to think about during this period of great uncertainty and poor visibility. To what extent can technology help with their decision-making? Do the advances made in technology over the last ten to twenty years make coping with this crisis different?

Optimists predict a V-shaped rebound. The gloomier forecast is a longer global recession. Whatever happens, hoteliers can use the situation to re-evaluate their businesses and make plans to come out the other side fitter and stronger.